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I still remember the time, when I had a giant desktop at home and I used to play tomb raider on it. And I couldn’t really define the pleasure moving that gorgeous blonde. That game was my most favorite of that time. And I think it was all like this because I used to love James bond too and wanted to be a spying agent like him. Could really got success with this part but managed to get in the intelligence agency.

Even today, whenever I get the spare time I still play these mission games based on the superb spying agents, and few years back I came to know that there are plenty of casino games as well that are based on the same theme. So I tried the James bond casino slot and played it day and night for almost a year and eventually get bored of it.

Then one of my office colleagues introduced me to this exciting new agent pokie called agent Jane blonde. He told me that it is five reels and nine pay line slot machine that got 38 winning combinations, this pokie may not have the winning potential of the maximum pay line, but the developers has really took care of optimizing the chances of winning sweet spins.

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