Money Mad Monkey Slots & Money Star SlotMoney Mad Monkey Slots – a game with many goodies and one of the most extended titles in slot machine history. This brand-new game, which matches the name in every way, is loosely based on King Kong. The game’s focus, however, is on money, not damsels. Money Mad Monkey is a game that’s fun to play because of its cartoonish graphics. Money Mad Monkey is a great game, but does it have any value outside its theme? Take a look to find out.

Swinging in the Treetops

Money Mad Monkey is so close to Donkey Kong that it’s almost impossible not to think of the original. This is a good thing. Respect should be shown for anything based on a classic video game. Aside from the animalistic theme, Money Mad Monkey is a standard-looking game from a graphic perspective. The frolic has five reels, twenty paylines, and a cityscape backdrop lit by the sun’s fading light. A monkey watches over the scene.

The Coins, the Barrels, and an Italian Plumber

The classic playing cards are used for low-level picks. However, there are also other symbols, such as a cartoon resembling Super Mario. There is also a calculator, bananas peeled, and monkeys. The Banana is a stacked wild, with three other bonuses in this part of the game. These come in the form of a barrel full of coins, wads of cash, and a bounty of the cityscape.

Fast and powerful

Money Mad Monkey offers a wide range of betting options, with twenty paylines. A small stake still has a lot of value, as the betting range is smaller than other slots. You can win big money by landing a specific combination of symbols. The special-themed characters are the key.

Peeling back the Banana

Banana is the wild symbol. The Banana is not the best-themed symbol. You can get the biggest payout if you get one of the bonus symbols. The first bonus feature is the cityscape. Landing three of them will lead you to the most unusual bonus game we have ever seen. You are a zookeeper trying to capture a monkey. You can get close to him by rolling dice. The closer you get to the little guy, the more prizes you win.

Take on the shoes of a Zookeeper.

You can also play a more traditional bonus round than the Zookeeper game. This bonus round is unlocked by obtaining three wads. Choose your options to unlock multipliers and combinations of spins. You can choose from three prizes: 5 spins at an 8x multiplier, ten spins at a 4x multiplier, or 20 spins worth double the amount. These all have the potential to boost your bankroll and are well worth the effort.

There are piles and piles of cash.

You can get these free spins by getting three stacks of money on the first, third, and fifth reels. You can win one of these free spins by choosing your prize. Start playing right away. You can’t get more free spins in the free spins round. As they say, you only get what you see in this bonus round.

Money Mad Monkey is the King of the Jungle!

You should try this game, even if you play the bonus game Zookeeper, and check it out. Money Mad Monkey has a lot of fun visuals and sounds. Other features and the overall gameplay are all good. Money Mad Monkey is a title that Microgaming has made worth your time.

Money Star Slot

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “the sky is the limit,” which has been used by people worldwide for decades. Microgaming’s new Money Star slot game gives this phrase a new meaning. Money Star, as you might guess, is a new slots game that lives up to its name, allowing players of all skill levels to reach for the stars.

Money Star, a brilliant and fantastic game, certainly has rocket fuel. But does it do enough to achieve the lofty heights it claims? Find out by reading our detailed review!

Money, Money, and More Money

Money Star is a slot that has a minimalistic design. The retro style is refreshing, especially with the many modern titles flooding the market. Money Star is a slot that could have been found in a 1970s casino. It has a Top Gun vibe, especially with the sleek banner at the top of the screen.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the reels, which have only four symbols: a red dot, a gold coin, a star in the sky, and a valueless small red dot.

Draped with a Classic Touch

Money Star’s user interface can be described with one word: perfect. It is a simple interface; there’s no need to move to another screen or swipe the UI. This user interface is located at the bottom of the display. The user interface is divided into two areas: displays and buttons. Money Star’s win, bet, and balance are displayed on the left side of the interface. You can increase or decrease your chance by using the two buttons. Three buttons are located to the right of the displays, and the spin button is on the far right.

Enjoy Playing Complete Comfort

This game also has an autostart feature that allows you to play the game while you are doing something else. Money Star’s autoplay feature is perfect for those who prefer a completely automated experience.

When Old School Meets New School

You should always add your spin to anything you use as inspiration. Microgaming added a “hold” feature to this slot to help players win. How does it work? You can keep two reels in your favor for the next round. You need to click the button on the interface associated with the reel. The nudges in this game are not new, and in many cases, they have become dated.

Three of Everything

This is a 3-reel slot that has three paylines. The winning combinations and lines are displayed to the right of the reel. To win, you can use a bar of red stars or gold coins. You can win an unexpected number of free spins when the gold star appears in the middle reel. Money Star is a classic slot machine game with many modern mechanics. It’s both fun and fresh.

Shoot for the Money Star!

There are many casino slot games, but only some are committed to the old-school format. Money Star has the classic slots style you’re looking for. The game is straightforward to learn and will appeal to players around the globe.

Money Star is an excellent casino with a classic slot experience and modern-day mechanics. What are you still waiting for? Try it today!