Monkeys can be mischievous and like to have a good time in their way. It’s only natural that monkeys inspire slot games. Microgaming wanted to be the first to market, so they created Monkey’s Money – a new online slot game that is awestruck.

Monkey’s Money has been the subject of much hype since its release. It is only fair that we give it a go. Does this Microgaming game prove to be a top banana? Find out by reading our detailed review!

Slots Action: Going Ape

Monkey’s Money is a design that will make you smile. The monkey under the reels is more significant than life and is watching you as you play. His million-dollar grin is meant to make you want to spin the reels. He also has bananas by his side in classic chimp style.

The background looks like we’re inside a lava lamp, giving the game a strange (yet captivating) psychedelic feel. It’s not what you expect from a casino game, but it works well. Monkey’s Money is a refreshingly new game in terms of theme and design.

This monkey is making it happen.

Monkey’s Money is one of the most straightforward user interfaces ever. This is not a casual statement. How do we know? This is easy to understand; you won’t have to search all over for the game controls as you would in other slot games. Monkey’s Money has all the gameplay at the bottom.

Swinging from Branch To Branch

You can find two large displays in the control panel that show your total bet and any winnings. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see the total balance displayed in a large display. You can use the buttons under the extensive collections to impact the game. The controls include bet max and spin. Monkey’s Money has a straightforward interface and is ideal for quick gameplay.

Major Monkeying Around

We had a lot of fun playing this slot. Monkey’s Money has three reels and only one payline. Although these “numbers” may seem small, some features can increase your chances of winning.

You can find the pay table on the right side of the screen. This will serve as your reference. You can see that the game has a more relaxed approach than other games on the market.

The Banana Bunch

This game is fruity, and you can win by landing just one banana on an active payline. There are also the bar, triple bar, or double bar symbols. If you get a combination of them, you win. This slot machine has a rare wild symbol. The monkey is a wild symbol that can help you best if he substitutes himself to complete a payline. The amount of coins you put into the game will determine the winnings. You need two currencies to get the more significant wins. All possible winning amounts are usually doubled.

Get Your Hands on Monkey’s Money.

Monkey’s Money is an old-school slot machine that is worth playing. This game stands out because it is so bright. Monkey’s Money is the best choice for those who like their slots bright and bubbly.

Monster Mania Slot

Many online slots at Vegas Online Slots constantly greet us. It can feel like we’re playing the same place repeatedly. Even we can be overwhelmed by the fantastic graphics, intricate storylines, and cool features of modern animation/CGI technologies.

Slots like Monster Mania by Microgaming remind us what slot gaming is all about and why millions of slot lovers worldwide love it. We look forward to these slots, not only for their retro-cool feel but also for the minimalistic pleasures they bring.

Monster Mania: Will it ever get old?

We don’t believe so! This slot has been around forever, but people have yet to learn. It exhibits all the features that have made Microgaming a leader in the slot-arena industry. Monster Mania’s dated graphics, irritating sound effects, and insulting tendency to hold players’ intelligence hostage are not enough to make you want to play it at least once. Yes, this is still true in 2016.

A second important point, however far-fetched it may seem in the current times, is that Monster Mania manages to capture the charm of old-school slots, which were characterized by the beeps and triggers of land-based machines, as well as the clinking, buzzing, and thrashing.

The crazy antics of the not-so-scary monsters that inhabit Earth, Seas, and Air would be considered insensitive if we did not at least admire them.

Once Upon A Timeā€¦

It would look like this if Monster Mania were to have its storyline. It would be an ambitious story, as it is not common to have the Loch Ness Monster, dragons, giant T-rex, and an assortment of fruits all working together to create a compelling tale.).

Slot structure is the one part of older slots that has survived (this is a 5-reel slot with three rows and nine paylines).

Nine paylines may not be enough, especially compared to other slots with up to 50 paylines. However, they can be enough to cover the wagers if everything goes well.

You Can Win By Wagering

Monster Mania IS NOT for those who expect every slot machine to pay at least a million dollars.

This is a low-limit slot game, with coin values ranging from 25 cents to $2. You can say goodbye to winning thousands of dollars on these cute little monsters. You can bet anywhere from $2.25 to $18 per spin. Partial wagering on multiple paylines will improve your odds.

The best way to maximize your Monster Mania experience is to find a combination of symbols that allows you to multiply by x2,000, bringing you an excellent $3,600.

Love Me Some Wild

When we look at the Monster Mania special symbols, it’s hard to believe that $3,600 is possible for just $18.

Unsurprisingly, the only wild symbol in this game is the Monster Mania logo. The common function of the wild symbol is to be a substitute, which allows you to complete those annoying almost-there combinations.

It is interesting to note that it only appears on rotations 2, 3, and 4, which is good for us.).

One Last Temptation

If you don’t like the idea of Monster Mania, the scatter symbol, the face on a scatterbrain, can tempt you to play again (and hopefully win).

This scatter does not stack; depending on its combinations, you can win up to 100 free spins.

Monster-ous Fun

Monster Mania is over. It would have been nice to see a bonus round, but that’s what it is.

This is an excellent choice if you need clarification on how slot machines work and want to play your first real money slot machine. If you’re up for it, the slot pays out well and can be an excellent way to spend an hour or so.