It seems ridiculously inexpensive to play slot machines with just one penny. Of course, it is pretty cheap, but that is what the casinos want.

The days of the three-reel slot machine are gone. Today’s devices can be multiline and have all the money-making tricks. Today’s slot machines can accept dollars instead of coins, and they can also give out prizes in the form of redeemable tickets. This is all to make the player feel as comfortable as possible.

Modern slot machines have seen a significant change with more pay lines. A current device will have at most 20 pay lines, and some can be much higher. This requires more coins to activate them all. A machine that costs 50c per turn but has 20 pay lines can quickly become a financial burden for the average gambler. We will remind those who insist on playing only the minimum number of lines that you must play to win the highest prizes and the jackpot if it is available. Otherwise, your chances of winning are slim.

Casinos now offer 1 penny slots machines to help players become less aware of the costs involved in playing these slot machines. It’s 1 cent per spin. This is the hottest trend on the casino’s slots machine floor. Many gamblers now believe that playing slot machines are much more affordable. However, the focus has shifted to multiple pay lines that require multiple points to maximize profits. Some devices require more than 1500 coins per spin. The average spin costs almost the same as a 50c machine.

Are penny slot machines a fool’s bet or a scam? Not necessarily. These machines are great for players who come to the casino to have a little fun and not spend too much money. However, players who want to take every advantage of the machine and never settle for less than the maximum payout will be better off looking elsewhere.

You might have seen some of the famous jackpots of penny slots machines. But rest assured, the amount you must wager to win the bank does not differ between the two.

The French Revolution Slots

Software developer 888 took inspiration from history for the slot game we are about to review. Does this game rank among the top titles at online casinos or not?

The game is very well made, that’s for sure. Napoleon Bonaparte will keep you entertained as you play The French Revolution online. The game could be more revolutionary in that it’s not unique. It has a few game features, but that’s about it. This may be the one if you are looking for a fun game.

Enjoy a fun look at the past

Let’s first talk about the game’s appearance. This online slot’s graphics are probably the best. The reels are placed against the Tuileries Palace while Napoleon Bonaparte is in the spotlight, eating cheese and drinking wine in a cartoonish, bobblehead style.

The concept of the game is new and exciting. The game’s developer, 888, deserves a lot of credit for this fantastic (pardon the pun) execution.

Live History on Your Phone

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. We would like to know if you would enjoy playing The French Revolution mobile, but there is a little animation (though not as much as in some NetEnt and Betsoft slots).

We tested the game on various devices and are happy to say it performed well on each one. You should have no issues playing The French Revolution on your Android or iOS device.

Trigger with Simple and Strong Features

The layout is simple. Five reels and twenty pay lines make this an excellent option for those who like it simple. Napoleon, as you might expect, is the highest-paying symbol. If you get five of them on the maximum bet, he awards 500 coins.888 has included some of your favorite figures from the French Revolution as symbols, including Marie Antoinette.

The maximum bet on this slot is 200.00. This gives daring gamblers plenty of chances to play for high stakes.

Two bonus features to build an empire

The French Reel Revolution has two unique features which can increase your chances of winning. These include the Guillotine Reels as well as Cannon Bombardment.

Guillotine Reels are a feature that occurs in the base game. A guillotine may drop from the top if you are playing a round with a reel-stacked high-paying symbol. The guillotine can replace those three symbols with others, resulting in more significant wins.

Cannon Bombardment is triggered when you get three scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. This could replace up to fifteen characters with more lucrative ones, such as the Napoleon symbol. Napoleon will prepare his cannon while you play the free spins round, and if he so chooses, he may fire some shots at you.

Low Volatility Revolution

Our review team noticed that this game was gratifying. We had a lot more wins than we expected. Low volatility means it pays out often, but the successes won’t be spectacular.

It’s fine. You can still make money when you put the slot machine into action. If you bet the maximum amount, you could also win big. What you want to achieve from your game depends on the style of game that you like.

Explore the world of Slots by Traveling across Timelines

Our reviewers have recommendations whether you love The French Revolution, want to play similar online slots, or just like the concept and features but don’t think the execution is quite proper.