Aliens, the word is so curious in itself! I have always been fond of sci-fi movies, especially the ones that showcases the aliens, creatures from the outer world, with this types of movies the true form of human imagination comes forward and it’s really adorable to see them coming in to your mind even after days of watching the movie.

It was last week, when I was watching this epic movie alien vs. predator, it suddenly came in to my mind that being such a hardcore fan of this genre, I haven’t tried any slot games based on the same theme. So I went online at the same time and looked hard for the same and I was lucky that I didn’t have to dig deeper and I found this amazing pokie called Aliens. It is five reels, 15 pay lines slot machine that offers numerous coins sizes and bet levels to choose from.

After that I decided to read some reviews of it and for that I went to some gambling forums that provide real reviews to analyses the true will of a pokie machine. Most of the reviews were pretty good and at the same moment I decided to play this pokie with the free spins first and then with the real money. Even I also found a guide on how to win at these poker machines and make money out of them.

In order to try the slot, I made a simple registration which got me the free play of it and I took the trial and I came out very adventurous and exciting just like a James Cameron movie. So later I thought of trying it with the real money as well, and for that I brought credits with PayPal and won jackpots as well.