Avalon online casino GameIf the mystical places of world make you excited to visit them, then I and you have certainly something common to share! The first palace that came in to my mind when I talk about these sorts of things is the Bermuda triangle. And the mystical and fictional island is the Avalon Island which has enticed as much as the Bermuda. But certainly there are fair that I can really visit the Bermuda, but when it comes to the Avalon, it seems impossible.

Anyways, I didn’t gave up the hope and found this virtual Avalon island that made me feel the essence of the same. Yes I am talking about the Avalon Pokie here. It is a five-reel, 20 payline pokie that can be easily found at top online casino as the game itself come along with the top slots. It is a mythical island that is talked in the stories of King Arthur and is based entirely around Arthurian legend, with all of the mystical and exotic things depicted in the stories.

When it comes to the rules, the players just have to match your symbols from left to right across your active pay How to play lines. In order to score wins on this slot, he will need to match three in a row to win. And that is the main reason I loved this pokie and how can I forget to mention the theme as it was my childhood dream to explore the divine island.

When it comes to the pay table rules, the slot is not complex at all, and one can really get the rules with one or two free play, that’s exactly what I did when I had to understand the game. And after when I got savvy with it, I won some big jackpots and made nice real money out of it as well.