Alaskan Fishing Casino GameThere was time, when I was a kid and my grandpa used to tell me stories of his adventure trips to the deep oceans and isolated places of earth that people don’t even know their existence. He used to tell me that he has travelled more than half of the world with bunch of friends on not a very big fishing boat and not big fat cruise. He said that it was kind of his job to do fishing and he used to make his living through it.

I still remember that he used to promise me that he will bring me to one of these fishing trip stories he used to tell me, to be more specific I was more interested in the Alaskan fishing. As it seemed more adventurous to me but unfortunately he passed away after some years and we never really made it to Alaska.

Few days back, I was thinking about him and decided to go on the same expeditions which we planned with my grandpa, but this time my 15 year old was going to accompany me. i don’t really get any high end salary so was looking on the web ways to accomplish the trip. And I came around this online casino slot game based on the same theme.

It was named after Alaskan fishing. You can easily access it online as a 5-reel pokie. It is actually a 243-way poker machine. This game’s wild symbol is the Alaskan Fishing Logo. It can be replaced by any of the other winning symbols to create the winning combination. It is definitely one of my favorite online slots games, which can be played for both fun and money.

I decided to play the same poker machine, and deposit some of my basic salary in order for my grandpa and me to have our dreams come true.