Spin the reels like a Viking to win the jackpot. Vikingos Gold has just one payline and only three reels. However, MGA software is known to produce games with plenty of mini-games, bonus rounds, and nudges and holds.

Free Vikingos Gold slot machines are designed with a modern look, something that cannot be said about other games using an AWP gameplay style. If you want to try something different than the standard 5-reel slot but still have a chance of winning real money with an extra game feature that you can enjoy, then this online slot is for you.

Go Vikings

Vikings may not have been the most glamorous people in history, but they certainly had their share of adventures while they searched for trade routes and wealth. This free Vikingos Gold Slot Machine from MGA features a pair of Viking warriors and some necessary props on the reels, like axes, helmets, and longships.

The slot machine has a very nice appearance with its cartoon characters and the two-dimensional illustrations used to represent the symbols on the reels. This game has a comic book theme that may appeal to those who enjoy fantasy fiction or graphic novels.

Riches and Treasure

This MGA slot is unlike most online slots today, as it only has three reels and a single payline. This is the most basic version of the game, but other features will require players to stay on their toes. The nudge and holding features may also test your betting strategy. You can also set the game to “Auto” if you prefer a more relaxed approach.

You should set the desired stake level first. The minimum is 0.20 credits, and the maximum is 10.00 credits. In the base frolic, the biggest prize is a multiplier of 1,000 the line bet. This is awarded to players who find three diamond symbols on the payline. The Vikingos Gold game has a Return to Player percentage (RTP) lower than the average for online slots, which is 95%. Even so, you still have a chance to win some good payouts. Our Vikingos Gold slot team has played the game over time and confirmed it is medium to low volatility. The game is known to pay out winnings of moderate size frequently.

Claim Your Bonus Haul

The game may only have three reels, but it has gameplay features. In the base game, wild icons will replace the standard icons. Axe symbols will activate a pinball bonus game. Bonus coins will reward bonus tokens. And a horse will trigger additional paylines on the upper section.

Players must collect bonus tokens to get to the upper set of reels. You can do this by finding bonus coins within the base game or converting your cash wins into bonuses. You can go up in level once you have enough tokens. Then, you can spin the special reels to activate side games like pinball, wheel of Fortune, or helmet pick them.

There are more AWP-style slots

Prize machines are a rarity in online casinos, with many 5-reel slots available. However, you can play a variety of games online with AWP.Ski Bunny, El Tesoro Pirate, and Wheel of Plenty are some of the most popular titles.

A Golden Slot?

Vikingos Gold is a gambling game with a twist. It may be small, but it packs a punch any Viking warrior would be happy to have. Players can switch between the base game and upper reels to turn their money into more significant bonus wins. We recommend practicing a few times before spinning the game to win real money. It may take some time to understand the strategy.

Mision Espacial Slots

Welcome to the final frontier, where danger lurks around every corner, and wonder is always around the corner. Who knows what treasures and mysteries you might find up there?

MBA has designed a retro-style video slot called Mision Espacial. This game will transport you into outer space on a retro-style spaceship. The game has two different and several betting levels, giving it a unique strategic feel.

You can read our review to learn more about this game.

Lost in Space

Mision Espacial is reminiscent of the old-school slots you might find in your local pub or casino. The graphics are still 8-bit but have been slightly updated.

The game screen is designed to look exactly like a slot machine. All the buttons are 3D and located at the bottom. A paytable lists all symbols around the reels. The design of the upper game is similar, with heroines holding guns on one side.

Mision Espacial is a game with a very epic appearance despite its simplicity. We’ll see how to place a wager on the reels.

Engage the Hyperdrive

Mision Espacial is a game with two distinct levels. Let’s start with the more superficial features and then move on to the more complex ones.

You will be presented with three reels and a single payline when you first enter the Mision Espacial world. It would be best if you tried to line up identical icons on that payline to unlock the cash prizes. Using the chance button, you can select the bet level before spinning the reels. You can bet 1, 5, or 10 credits for each spin. You can also receive up to four nudges for a successful spin. These can be used on the reels individually and may even help you complete a winning combination. If you are one symbol away from a winning combination, the reels will automatically be held in place for a response.

Mision Espacial awards cash based on your wager and the combination of symbols on the payline.With a bit of luck, the higher you go, you’re more likely to win money. You can also play the competition in autoplay mode, which will allow the reels to spin automatically and you to place your bet repeatedly.

Classic Symbols on a Zero Gravity Environment

Mision Espacial’s reel symbols are primarily classic slot icons, but a few have an outer-space theme. Let’s review each symbol to see what rewards they can bring.

Combinations that are likely to be successful contain three identical symbols. In the lower game, you can combine freely the red, blue, and emerald diamonds to win a small reward. Oranges, strawberries, plums, and lemons are following, which trigger prizes ranging from 2 to 12 credits depending on the current stake level. Bell combinations can reach up to 15 credits, while pure diamonds are the most valuable, with a reward no lower than 2,000 credits.

In the upper game, you will find a smaller payout table but more winning opportunities.

Up Your Game past Light Speed

If you win in the lower game, you will receive credits. You can collect them immediately or use them to play again. You can win bonus points if you select the latter option.

You can switch games and move up. Then, you’ll find that there are three reels with eight paylines. You can select your bet amount and unlock more paylines by adding more bonus points.

The paytable is shorter, but with the multiple paylines, you can win more. Mision Espacial is a cosmic slot game that will keep you spinning the reels and revealing hidden surprises.

Faster than Light and more Challenging than Ever

Mision Espacial, an original slot machine game with a retro-space theme and many gameplay options, is a great choice. The game is complex for beginners.

You can find all of this and more at Mision Espacial.